Keep Your AC Cool for Winter

The holiday season is upon us – and maybe you spent ages planning on the perfect gift for your loved ones, or maybe some gifts fell short of expectations. 

Either way, although the season is associated with warm and fuzzy feelings, the weather can actually provide both warm and cool weather – often going from one to the other within just a few hours. 

That means that your AC needs to pull double-duty during this time. After all, don’t you deserve to be both cool and/or warm in your own home? 

From Cooling to Heating – Your AC Does It All

But, before we get into the “hows”, let’s first get into the ‘Whys” and “whats”: what really is air conditioning? 

You might hear ‘air conditioning’ and think it means the same as “air cooling” – but that’s where you’d be wrong. 

A better way of thinking about it would be that your AC unit “conditions” your room’s temperature…meaning it tries to keep your room at the right temperature, all year round. 

Whether that’s keeping it cool during the summer months, warm in the winter or both warm and cool during the spring or fall, that means your AC is only working as it should when you’re at a comfortable temperature. 

ACs aren’t the same as heating systems which, as the name suggests, only keep your room warm: air conditioners do both warmth and cooling. 

And, with the Sensibo Sky, your AC can do both automatically…without you even needing to be there! 

Sensibo Sky: Climate-Controlled Comfort, Whatever the Weather  

Here’s the thing: During winter, you’re not looking to be either frozen or boiled in the comfort of your own home: you’re looking to be comfortable

When the temperature can wildly swing between ‘boiling’ and ‘freezing’, you need a climate-control method that keeps up with you. And climate control isn’t just about keeping you the correct temperature. 

The Sensibo Sky can easily detect and manage a room’s humidity, temperature and ‘feels like’ temperature, meaning all you need to do is set the temperature you’re comfortable with in the Sensibo app, and let your AC do the rest. 

It’s easy, straightforward, hassle-free – and only needs to be done once. 

In fact, the Sensibo Sky is even more effective than your AC unit at working out the room’s temperature, because it takes a reading of the temperature at the height-level you place the device, which is usually more similar to your living area than the AC unit, which is often near the ceiling. 

That and, the Sensibo Sky comes with a variety of features which allow you to set and maintain your climate control preferences, and then go about your daily life!

  • The geolocation feature sets a distance that, once you get within or leave that distance, your AC unit will power on or off – great for when you want to walk into a temperature appropriate room after a long day! 
  • The climate control feature allows you to set your temperature and humidity preferences, controlling what your AC does when the room hits that temperature – e.g., turn off when the room cools to 25 degrees, or activate when it goes above 25 degrees. 
  • The 7-day schedule allows you to plan ahead, setting the items which you’d like your AC to turn on or stay off. 
  • Voice-control-activated: the Sensibo Sky handily integrates with all popular voice assistants, such as Google Home and iOS’ Siri, meaning if you need your AC to take an action quickly, just tell it what to do!  

In fact, the Sensibo Sky is so much more than just a climate-control device – it actively helps you save energy, using only what you need, when you need…which also helps you save money off your energy bill! 


The Sensibo Sky – Your Hottest Winter Accessory 

When the day’s temperature switches between scorching heat to cooler, longer nights, you need the hottest winter accessory around – the Sensibo Sky. 

It’s super easy to install, set up and control – meaning you have more time to enjoy those gorgeous, crisp winter days and nights! 

And, with the New Year fast approaching, it makes a perfect resolution keeper for those looking to be more eco-conscious or budget-conscious, or both.

Wishing you a great rest of winter – may your days and nights be temperature-appropriate! 


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